Regarding NEPA's Implementing Regulations at 40 CFR 1500 - 1508
Printed in: Federal Register Vol. 46, No.55, 18026-18038, 3/23/81

  1. Range of Alternatives
  2. Alternatives Outside the Capability of Applicant or Jurisdiction of Agency
  3. No-Action Alternative
  4. Agency's Preferred Alternative
  5. Proposed Action v. Preferred Alternative
  6. Environmentally Preferable Alternative
  7. Difference Between Sections of EIS on Alternatives and Environmental Consequences
  8. Early Application of NEPA
  9. Applicant Who Needs Other Permits
  10. Limitations on Action During 30-Day Review Period for Final EIS
  11. Limitations on Actions by an Applicant During EIS Process
  12. Effective Date and Enforceability of the Regulations
  13. Use of Scoping Before Notice of Intent to Prepare EIS
  14. Rights and Responsibilities of Lead and Cooperating Agencies
  15. Commenting Responsibilities of EPA
  16. Third Party Contracts
  17. Disclosure Statement to Avoid Conflict of Interest
  18. Uncertainties About Indirect Effect of a Proposal
  19. Mitigation Measures
  20. (Worst Case Analysis rescinded April 25, 1986:51 Fed. Reg. 15625(1986) See Endnotes #3)
  21. Combining Environmental and Planning Documents
  22. State and Federal Agencies as Joint Lead Agencies
  23. Conflicts of Federal Proposal With Land Use Plans on Policies and Controls
  24. Environmental Impact Statements on Policies, Plans or Programs
  25. Appendices and Incorporation by Reference
  26. lndex and Keyword Index in EISs
  27. List of Preparers
  28. Advance or Xerox Copies of EIS
  29. Responses to Comments
  30. Adoption of EISs
  31. Application of Regulations to Independent Regulatory Agencies
  32. Supplements to Old EISs
  33. Referrals
  34. Records of Decision
  35. Time Required for the NEPA Process
  36. Environmental Assessments (EA)
  37. Findings-of No Significant Impact (FONSI)
  38. Public Availability of EAs v. FONSIs
  39. Mitigation Measures Imposed in EAs and FONSIs
  40. Propriety of Issuing EA When Mitigation Reduces Impacts


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