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Guide to Federal Programs in Appropriations Bills

The major source of appropriated funds for each of the following federal agencies is identified below.

Agency or Program name:

Administration on Aging Labor, HHS, Ed
Administration for Children and Families Labor, HHS, Ed
Administrative Conference of the United States Treasury, Postal
Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations Treasury, Postal
Advisory Council on Historic Preservation Interior
African Development Foundation Foreign Operations
African Development Fund and Bank Foreign Operations
Agency for International Development [AID] Foreign Operations
Air Force Defense
Alaska Gas Pipeline Authorities Interior
Alternative Fuels Production Interior
American Battle Monuments Commission Veterans
AmeriCorps Veterans
Amtrak Transportation
Anti-terrorism Organizations and Programs Foreign Operations
Appalachian Regional Commission Energy and Water
Architect of the Capitol Legislative Branch
Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board Transportation
Arms Control and Disarmament Agency Commerce, Justice, State
Army Defense
Asian Development Fund and Bank Foreign Operations
Biological and Environmental Research [BER] Program Energy and Water
Black Lung Disability Insurance Labor, HHS, Ed
Board for International Broadcasting Commerce, Justice, State
Botanic Garden Legislative Branch
Bureau of Indian Affairs Interior
Bureau of Labor Statistics Labor, HHS, Ed
Bureau of Reclamation Energy and Water
Bureau of the Census Commerce, Justice, State
Cemeterial Expenses for the Army Veterans
Central American Reconciliation Assistance Foreign Operations
Central Intelligence Agency Defense
Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board Veterans
Child Nutrition Agriculture
Citizen's Commission on Public Service and Compensation Treasury, Postal
Clean Coal Technology Interior
Coast Guard Transportation
Commission for the Preservation of America's Heritage Abroad Commerce, Justice, State
Commission on Civil Rights Commerce, Justice, State
Commission of Fine Arts Interior
Commission on Immigration Reform Commerce, Justice, State
Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe Commerce, Justice, State
Committee for Purchase from People Who Are Blind or Severely Disabled Treasury, Postal
Commodity Credit Corporation Agriculture
Commodity Futures Trading Commission Agriculture
Community Development Financial Institutions Veterans
Community Oriented Policing Services Commerce, Justice, State
Community Service Employment for Older Americans Labor, HHS, Ed
Competitiveness Policy Council Commerce, Justice, State
Congressional Budget Office Legislative Branch
Congressional Expenses Legislative Branch
Congressional Research Service Legislative Branch
Consumer Information Center Veterans
Consumer Product Safety Commission Veterans
Copyright Royalty Tribunal Legislative Branch
Corporation for National and Community Service Veterans
Corporation for Public Broadcasting Labor, HHS, Ed
Council of Economic Advisers Treasury, Postal
Court of Veterans Appeal Veterans
Defense Environmental Restoration and Waste Management Energy and Water
Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board Energy and Water
Delaware River Basin Commission Energy and Water
Department of Agriculture Agriculture
Department of Commerce Commerce, Justice, State
Department of Defense Defense
Department of Defense [Civil] Energy and Water
Department of Education Labor, HHS, Ed
Department of Energy Energy and Water, Interior, Defense
Department of Health and Human Services Labor, HHS, Ed
Department of Housing and Urban Development Veterans
Department of the Interior Energy and Water
Department of Justice Commerce, Justice, State
Department of Labor Labor, HHS, Ed
Department of State Commerce, Justice, State
Department of the Army Corps of Engineer--Civil Energy and Water
Department of the Treasury Treasury, Postal
Department of the Interior Interior
Department of Transportation Transportation
Department of Veterans Affairs Veterans
DOD Base Closure Account Military Construction
Economic Development Administration Commerce, Justice, State
Economic Regional Administration Interior
Emergency Preparedness Interior
Employment and Training Administration Labor, HHS, Ed
Employment Standards Administration Labor, HHS, Ed
Energy Information Administration Interior
Enterprise of the Americas Initiative Foreign Operations
Environmental Protection Agency Veterans
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Commerce, Justice, State
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development Foreign Operations
Executive Office of the President Treasury, Postal
Export-Import Bank Foreign Operations
Family Housing--Military Military Construction
Farm Credit Systems Financial Assistance Corporation Agriculture
Federal Aviation Administration Transportation
Federal Bureau of Investigation Commerce, Justice, State
Federal Communications Commission Commerce, Justice, State
Federal Deposit Insurance Fund Veterans
Federal Drug Control Program Treasury, Postal
Federal Election Commission Treasury, Postal
Federal Emergency Management Agency Veterans
Federal Highway Administration Transportation
Federal Labor Relations Authority Treasury, Postal
Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service Labor, HHS, Ed
Federal Mine Safely and Health Review Commission Labor, HHS, Ed
Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation [FSLIC] Veterans
Federal Trade Commission Commerce, Justice, State
Fish, Wildlife, and Recreation Energy and Water
Food and Drug Administration Agriculture
Food Stamps Program Agriculture
Foreign Military Program Foreign Operations
Forest Service Interior
Fossil Energy Research and Development Interior
Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial Commission Interior
General Accounting Office Legislative Branch
General Services Administration Treasury, Postal
Government Printing Office Legislative Branch
Guarantee Reserve Fund Foreign Operations
Health Care Financing Administration Labor, HHS, Ed
Holocaust Memorial Council Interior
Homeowners Assistance Fund Military Construction
House of Representatives Legislative Branch
Immigration and Naturalization Service Commerce, Justice, State
Indian Education Interior
Indian Health Services and Facilities Interior
Institute of American Indian & Alaskan Native Culture & Arts Development Interior
Institute of Museum Services Interior
Inter-American Development Bank Foreign Operations
Inter-American Foundation Foreign Operations
Interagency Council on the Homeless Veterans
Internal Revenue Service Treasury, Postal
International Bank for Reconstruction and Development Foreign Operations
International Fund for Ireland Foreign Operations
International Narcotics Control Foreign Operations
International Organizations and Programs Foreign Operations
International Trade Administration Commerce, Justice, State
International Trade Commission Commerce, Justice, State
Interstate Commerce Commission Transportation
Interstate Commission on the Potomac River Basin Energy and Water
Japan-United States Friendship Commission Commerce, Justice, State
Jobs Corps Labor, HHS, Ed
John C. Stennis Center Legislative Branch
John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts Interior
Judiciary Commerce, Justice, State
Legal Services Corporation Commerce, Justice, State
Library of Congress Legislative Branch
Marine Corps Defense
Marine Mammal Commission Commerce, Justice, State
Maritime Administration Commerce, Justice, State
Market Promotion Program Agriculture
Merit System Protection Board Treasury, Postal
Migration and Refugee Assistance Foreign Operations
Military to Military Contract Program Foreign Operations
Mine Safety and Health Administration Labor, HHS, Ed
Morris K. Udall Scholarship Treasury, Postal
Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency Foreign Operations
NASA Veterans
National Capital Planning Commission Interior
National Commission on AIDS Labor, HHS, Ed
National Commission on Libraries and Information Science Labor, HHS, Ed
National Commission to Support Law Enforcement Commerce, Justice, State
National Council on Disability Labor, HHS, Ed
National Credit Union Administration Veterans
National Critical Materials Council Treasury, Postal
National Endowment for the Humanities Interior
National Endowment for Democracy Commerce, Justice, State
National Film Preservation Board Legislative Branch
National Forest Interior
National Foundation on the Arts and the Humanities Interior
National Gallery of Art Interior
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Transportation
National Indian Gaming Commission Interior
National Institutes of Health Labor, HHS, Ed
National Labor Relations Board Labor, HHS, Ed
National Park Service Interior
National Science Foundation Veterans
National Security Council Treasury, Postal
National Space Council Veterans
National Telecommunications and Information Administration Commerce, Justice, State
National Transportation Safety Board Transportation
NATO Infrastructure Military Construction
Natural Resources Conservation Service Agriculture
Navajo and Hopi Indian Relocation Commission Interior
Naval Petroleum and Oil Shale Reserves Interior
Navy Defense
Nonproliferation and Disarmament Fund Foreign Operations
Nuclear Regulatory Commission Energy and Water
Occupational Safety and Health Administration Labor, HHS, Ed
Occupational Contract with the Review Commission Labor, HHS, Ed
Office of Consumer Affairs Veterans
Office of Federal Procurement Policy Treasury, Postal
Office of Government Ethics Treasury, Postal
Office of Management and Budget Treasury, Postal
Office of National Drug Control Policy Treasury, Postal
Office of Nuclear Waste Negotiator Energy and Water
Office of Personnel Management Treasury, Postal
Office of Policy Development Treasury, Postal
Office of Science and Technology Policy Veterans
Office of Special Council Treasury, Postal
Office of the United States Trade Representative Commerce, Justice, State
Office of the U.S. Trade Representative Commerce, Justice, State
Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force Program Commerce, Justice, State
Ounce of Prevention Council Commerce, Justice, State
Overseas Private Investment Corporation Foreign Operations
Panama Canal Commission Transportation
Peace Corps Foreign Operations
Peace Keeping Operations Foreign Operations
Pennsylvania Avenue Development Corporation Interior
Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation Administration Labor, HHS, Ed
Physicians Payment Review Commission Labor, HHS, Ed
Points of Light Foundation Veterans
Prospective Payment Assessment Commission Labor, HHS, Ed
Public Health Service Labor, HHS, Ed
Railroad Administration, Federal Transportation
Railroad Retirement Board Labor, HHS, Ed
Rebate of Saint Lawrence Seaway Tolls Transportation
Resolution Trust Corporation Veterans
Securities and Exchange Commission Commerce, Justice, State
Selective Service Veterans
Senate Legislative Branch
Simon Wiesenthal Center Interior
Small Business Administration Commerce, Justice, State
Smithsonian Institution Interior
Social Security Administration Labor, HHS, Ed
Soldiers' and Airmen's Home Labor, HHS, Ed
Special Assistance for Central America Foreign Operations
Special Defense Acquisition Fund Foreign Operations
Strategic Petroleum Reserve Interior
Susquehanna River Basin Commission Energy and Water
Tennessee Valley Authority Energy and Water
Thomas Jefferson Commemoration Commission Commerce, Justice, State
Trade and Development Agency Foreign Operations
U.S. Emergency Refugee and Migration Assistant Fund Foreign Operations
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Interior
U.S. Information Agency Commerce, Justice, State
U.S. International Trade Commission Commerce, Justice, State
U.S. Postal Service. Administrative Offices Treasury, Postal
U.S. Secret Service Treasury, Postal
U.S. Tax Court Treasury, Postal
United States and Foreign Commercial Service Commerce, Justice, State
United States Capitol Preservation Commission Legislative Branch
United States Institute for Peace Labor, HHS, Ed
United States Naval Home Labor, HHS, Ed
Violent Crime Reduction Programs Treasury, Postal
VISTA Labor, HHS, Ed
Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority Transportation
White House Office Treasury, Postal
Women, Infants and Children Program [WIC] Agriculture
Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars Interior
World Bank Foreign Operations

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