Expert NEPA and CEQA Project Management and Compliance Document Preparation. One-stop permitting shop for all federal, state and county land-use project permit requirements. Over 20 years NEPA CEQA project management experience leading a multi-disciplinary resource management team to successfully completing hundreds of projects on schedule and under budget. Go to see list of projects

Tools developed and implemented by our team have resulted in :
1. A 50% reduction in the time normally required to complete an EA, EIS or EIR;

2. A 35% savings in the costs normally associated with the preparation of EA, EIS or EIR;

3. A 60% reduction in the number of comments normally received for an EA, EIS or EIR;

4. A significant reduction in the level of public controversy and the risk of potential future litigation;

5. An improved overall coordination and consultation with other federal, state and local agencies during the permitting process;

6. A substantial improvement in post-permit monitoring and compliance tracking.

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Services: NEPA/CEQA Document Preparation/Project Management; Land Use/Forest Planning, Monitoring/Evaluation/Reporting; Resource Management Conflict Resolution; Appeals/Protests.