Ridgecrest Public Lands Roundtable

Sept. 26, 2013


            The Ridgecrest Public Lands Roundtable met at the Ridgecrest BLM Office and started with introductions.

Robert began with the subject of Wild Horse and Burro updates. Mention of a program developing with the youth and the 4H groups, which hopes to encourage adoption of these animals to new homes. The low budget and other circumstances are prohibiting all gathers unless there is an emergency.

Carl came in later as he had been at a meeting in Moreno Valley. Next on the agenda was lands, minerals and realty. A company had applied for a permit for the drilling of bore holes on BLM land in Haiwee in search of a special clay used in making concrete. The name of the mineral was not specified.

Many citizens of the Fremont Valley and surrounding areas attended the meeting to express their concerns and fears about the AquaHelio Fremont Valley Preservation Project.  There was an in depth explanation of the fast track of the project and they requested the support of the round table in writing letters and comments asking for an extension of time to look at the project.

Not much input from BLM regarding the AquaHelio Fremont Valley Preservation Project other than a meeting will be set up concerning the EIS and it is too early to know what the exact proposal is to be offered in connection to the solar, power lines and water pipes.

 WEMO is still going through the court process. A report is expected on October 1, 2013. Not much change but discussions of the expectations, reasons and effectiveness of the monitoring process.

The DRECP draft will be coming out after first of the year no exact dates. They are currently reviewing chapters. Any letters or comments about DRECP write to Karen Douglas.

The scheduled speaker for Law Enforcement Wayne Dengal could not attend due to assisting in ongoing fires.

There was mention of upcoming 100-year anniversary activities planned for Trona and the LADWP Owens Valley aqueduct system. Ed Waldheim also mentioned that through a State OHV grant, 25,000 acres of private property in the Jawbone-Dove Springs area has been purchased.  Ed is working hard to have it managed by the BLM under a MOU instead of having it designated as a State Vehicle Recreation Area.


There was a nice Public Land Day Project for the Rademacher Hills Trail yesterday with about 40 people doing trail and trailhead improvement work.