Ridgecrest Roundtable

June 25, 2015


Ridgecrest Public Lands Roundtable began with a welcome from the Chairman, Randy Banis. The agenda and May minutes were approved. Meeting continued with introductions followed by comments.  Joe M. reported that The Rand Mining District is being organized. During the comments some questions of WEMO were addressed concerning when the 45 day comment period for the activity transportation plans will be starting, Carl responded in August 2015. Sam Merk reported during comments that she and Will Liebscher attended an Inland Empire Consortium meeting in Barstow in regards to the broadband. The information was passed on to Supervisor Gleason and some letters of support were received, and looks like it will happen in the Searles Valley, Red Mountain and Johannesburg areas. After a lengthy discussion later in the meeting it was agreed to make it an agenda item.

BLM Reports by Carl Symons – Janice Snyder the Assistant Secretary for the Department of Interior for Lands and Minerals came to area for tour. Staffing: the filing period for the position of the Fiscal Tech. has closed. Approximately 50 applicants applied for the position. DRECP is still being worked on not sure when it will be released. Many ROW’s are on hold until DRECP is completed.

Randy Banis announced an update on the DRECP. He encouraged everyone to go to the DRECP home page and look at the 4 items listed in the “what’s new” box. 

The focus topic for the meeting was a presentation on the Searles Lake Mining Bird Program given by Arzell Hale.

The final item on agenda was the membership outreach. The Roundtable members discussed and compiled a list of interests/organizations that need representation as members of the group.

Next meeting will on July 23, 1015.