Ridgecrest Roundtable


The meeting began with introductions and comments.Items not on the agenda that people would like to discuss were asked to be addressed at that time.Bill Maddux presented a plaque on behalf of all the members of the Roundtable to Don Jo McKernan.The plaque was an appreciation award of all the years of dedication, commitment and leadership he demonstrated as a BLM Steering Committee member and chairman of the Ridgecrest Public Lands Roundtable. Last month he announced he must resigned as chairman but however will continue until a replacement id determined.

Randy Banis and Ed Waldheim addressed the issue of signs that have been removed. A supplemental WEMO map was displayed on the large screen. Purpose was to show Route RM134 is only a small section now, some changes occurred from the WEMO final EIS map and the supplemental map.Mentioned several routes were dropped from current maps.Due to a staff error the road was closed for rehabilitation. Edís concern was the work was done by a wilderness team in a non-wilderness area and removed signs the he would like returned. Jim Kenney has since sent an email announcing this route is now open. Jawbone will soon have training instructors for ATVís and side-by-sides to offer opportunity for sixteen and under to attend class to obtain necessary certificate.

Carl discussed his lack of staff and many positions are unfilled. Bronco Resources are still going forward, it is in the appeal period. BLM just sent the purchase request for the design of Southpark Bridge through the planning grant. $99,000 was given for planning and design including NEPA work.The cabins are currently being evaluated culturally to determine what can or canít be done historically according to law.A representative from state office will be explaining the DRECP document and how to find specific things within the document and available to answer questions in the near future.

The meeting closed with a presentation by Marty Dickes on Surprise Canyon. Marty is the wilderness coordinator for BLM in Ridgecrest. Showed many photos most were taken by Shelly Ellison.