Public Lands Roundtable - Ridgecrest

February 26, 2015 Minutes


Meeting began with a welcome, approval of Agenda and Minutes. Introductions and comments from audience and followed with members. Not many attendees this meeting.  Joe Martori announced Minerals and Mining Advisory Council is officially out there in 15 states.  Dave Mathews invited people to a wildflower tour in his own back yard.


Randy Banis, Chairman continued meeting, DRECP comment deadline was February 23, 2015. Ten members attended the special January 10th meeting, and Randy expressed how proud he was of the way everyone worked so hard together and successfully agreed on 11 points.  Sam Merk and Mark Algazy(who was not present in letter writing meeting)had suggested to Randy that the Roundtable needs to create a more formal letter writing policy including step by step of how letters are to be put out, how it gets circulated and approved.  Also during an executive committee meeting it became apparent some changes may be necessary in bylaws. In order to alter the bylaws, it requires changes to be submitted in writing and any changes need to be noticed on the agenda. Since not on February’s agenda it will be discussed at March meeting.


Carl Symons continued meeting with the BLM reports. He distributed the DAC (Desert Advisory Council) report. The DAC is a federally chartered advisory council for BLM desert district which represents different interests and consists of 15 members that meet quarterly. South Park Bridge pictures were included in the report. BLM took the NEPA Coordinator and the Wildlife Biologist on a field trip and the NEPA work is getting under way. The grant for development will be submitted following day. Volunteers may be needed to possibly help haul it away after the contractor dismantles it.  Some materials will have to be disposed of as hazmat materials, such as treated telephone poles and railroad ties. Although many places have been proposed for grazing the only place that has passed with enough foliage for grazing is the Cantil Area.  Ridgecrest Management Area consists of 6 pastures. The Ridgecrest Field office is the largest in the CDD for grazing. DAC will be here on April 10th and the 11th however the field trip has not yet be determined.


WEMO was listed as a focus topic on the agenda, however at the time of meeting WEMO had not yet been released.


The Feinstein CDCRA 2015 was on agenda as an alternate focus topic. A presentation on the introduced bill was attempted to be shown on the big screen however, due to technical difficulties we were unable to view the material.


A membership list will be sent by email for review to be discussed at next meeting. Randy announced his intent to appoint Jim Kenney as Executive Secretary and referred to him as the glue that kept the group together this past year.


The next meeting will be held March 26, 2015 at 6:30 p.m. with WEMO as focus topic also bylaws and membership will be included on the agenda.