Ridgecrest Public Lands Round Table

Oct. 24, 2013

 Bill Maddox chaired the meeting, with the absence of Don Jo McKernan. There was much information shared during introductions and comments. Joe M shared his enthusiasm regarding with the HR-761 Bill. The Bill would require Secretary of Interior and Secretary of Agriculture to effectively and efficiently develop domestic resources of strategic metals and minerals critical to the U.S. For further information please read the text under http://www.nplnews.com/library/HR761.htm

Desert Advisory Council (DAC) update- The meeting announcements are as follows: Dec. 6 and 7 either Barstow or Palm Springs (unknown at this time) also 3 subgroup meetings:

SRP Subgroup (Special Recreation Permits) - Nov. 13 in Moreno Valley

Dumont Subgroup- Nov. 19 in Barstow

Imperial Sand Dunes Subgroup- Nov. 20 at El Centro field office

The Nightmare Gulch Trail in Red Rock Canyon State Park now is temporarily closed to motorized vehicle use due to weather damage. However it is open to hiking and equestrian use. The Red Rock Canyon State Park Management Plan has never been formalized so an EA would need to be placed through the system to complete the work.

Chief Law Enforcement officer Wayne Dengal was the guest speaker. He is one of six officers that patrol the Ridgecrest Resource area of 1.8 million acres and 2400 miles of designated routes and wilderness areas in several different counties. He is preparing for OHV season, which is busy from Thanksgiving and begins to slow down in February. Due to a busy fire season many of the BLM law enforcement officers have been called to help with fires in other areas. 909-383-5652 is an inner agency dispatch telephone number, which will contact parks service, forest service, BLM throughout California. When calling this number ask for BLM Law Enforcement Dispatch if it pertains to BLM Land.

 Carl Symons, the BLM Ridgecrest Field Manager, began his reports following the guest speaker:  The reports began with lands, minerals and realty. LA County is trying to get an OHV park down by Palmdale area near Little Rock. There is a public meeting on Nov. 20 at 6:30 pm at County of Los Angeles Jackie Robinson Park 8773 E. Ave. R in Little Rock, CA. It will include approx. 300 + acres of county purchased land and 300 acres of adjacent BLM land.

    Alta East Wind Project has the materials on sight to begin putting up the towers next week.  BLM is still working on the EIS documents for the Title Horse Wind Project.  BLM is continuing to put together comments and NEPA documents for Haiwee Geothermal. There was no new news on Bronco. Many projects have been delayed or put on hold due to the Government shut down.

State Director Jim Kenna and Carl met about the different possible plans for Kelly Mines. The state director will sign off on what is going to be completed. There is a public meeting scheduled on Nov. 13 at 7:00 p.m. at the Rand Community Building- 22721 Broadway in Johannesburg, Ca.

The water hole at Briggs Mine has not changed and is not showing any effect on the springs above.

WEMO- BLM is submitting a request to the Courts for an extension. Progressing on the route inventories.   The next quarterly report is due at the end of December.

DRECP is still being worked on at state office.

Notice of Public hearing was shared on the Aqua Helio Project.   At this time, there has not been any Rights Of Way (ROW) application received.

There will be a 100-mule walk celebrating the 100-year Anniversary of the Aqueduct.

The next PLRT Meeting would be on Thanksgiving, so according to custom, we will have the meeting on December 5th at 6:30 at the BLM Office.