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Authority:   43 U.S.C. 1733, 1740, 1763, and 1764.

Source:   70 FR 21058, Apr. 22, 2005, unless otherwise noted.

Subpart 2801—General information
§ 2801.2   What is the objective of BLM's right-of-way program?


It is BLM's objective to grant rights-of-way under the regulations in this part to any qualified individual, business, or government entity and to direct and control the use of rights-of-way on public lands in a manner that:

(a) Protects the natural resources associated with public lands and adjacent lands, whether private or administered by a government entity;

(b) Prevents unnecessary or undue degradation to public lands;

(c) Promotes the use of rights-of-way in common considering engineering and technological compatibility, national security, and land use plans; and

(d) Coordinates, to the fullest extent possible, all BLM actions under the regulations in this part with state and local governments, interested individuals, and appropriate quasi-public entities.


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