Good Morning Sophia,


The purpose of this email is to confirm that the Planning & Community Development Department received your comment letter on the Fremont Valley Preservation Project. Your letter will be included in the public record and Staff will officially respond to your comments during preparation of the Response to Comments as required under the California Environmental Quality Act.


Regarding your request for an Extension to the EIR Comment Period, the EIR has been circulating since September 12, 2013.  with the review period to end on November 18, 2013. The required comment period is 45 days under the California Environmental Quality Act.  The comment period for this document has been revised to account for a mapping error for a total of 80 days. CEQA section 15105 specifically states the criteria for extensions of time as unusual circumstances. Nothing in the record to date specifies that an unusual circumstance has occurred regarding the circulation of this environmental impact report.


Kern County does not limit public comment to only the circulation period of the Draft EIR, and comments for consideration by the decision makers can be made for the record up until the Board of Supervisors votes. As the final consideration of the project will not be until the beginning of next year at the earliest, there is still sufficient time for the submittal of comments on the Draft EIR and project proposal.


If you have any other questions regarding this matter, please feel free to contact me directly. Thank you again for your comment and your participation in this important public process.






Craig M. Murphy
Division Chief
Kern County

Planning and Community Development Department
(661) 862-8739