The DEIR proposes the creation of “Committees” rather than actually determining the project’s impact to water resources.  The mitigation measures proposed for impacts to groundwater levels are inadequate. The DEIR largely answers with a measure to form a “Monitoring Committee.”  Then the DEIR fails to mention a study on the expected impacts of the proposed 114,000 AF/Y native water draw down. What quantifiable measures will guide that committee’s oversight?

It is simply not enough to form a “committee” for a mitigation conclusion.   Mitigation steps need to be defined, established and in place before the project is given the CUP.


Then it goes on to say a “Joint Powers Authority” (JPA) will be formed.  There again it does not give the makeup of this committee nor their exact powers.  It does say, “if formed” status, the JPA shall be the lead agency for the preparation of the IRWMP and SMP by AquaHelio.  What is this committee’s oversight and quantifiable measures?  Where does is stand in regards to Kern County’s already existing water agency?


Remember, the groundwater basin could be impaired permanently.  There is nowhere in this document that oversight of these two committees will result in something favorable to the people that live and pay taxes in Fremont Valley and Randsburg area.