Aqua Helio is proposing to the County of Kern a solar/water EIR that will affect a six-community population and three counties, San Bernardino, Inyo and Kern.


The solar project is expected to last 20 years.  There are many different opinions as to how long the water extraction program will last.


Please read the revised EIR and write a letter to Kern County and your representatives expressing your concerns.


At this time (this might change) the County is holding a meeting on November 14 at 6:30pm.  It is important that people that are in this area or people that care about water, soil, and air quality show up at that meeting.


There will be a bus leaving from the Freemont Valley to go to the Bakersfield Meeting and back.  Please be on it, be civil and let your reps know what this will mean to you.


For current information on the Fremont Valley, please go to:


As we get more information, we will try to post them up as quickly as possible.


At this point in time, this only involves private and state lands although there is great speculation that at some time, a Right of Way Permit will be applied for.

It is BLM's objective to grant rights-of-way under the regulations in this part to any qualified individual, business, or government entity and to direct and control the use of rights-of-way on public lands in a manner that:

(a) Protects the natural resources associated with public lands and adjacent lands, whether private or administered by a government entity;

(b) Prevents unnecessary or undue degradation to public lands;

(c) Promotes the use of rights-of-way in common considering engineering and technological compatibility, national security, and land use plans; and

(d) Coordinates, to the fullest extent possible, all BLM actions under the regulations in this part with state and local governments, interested individuals, and appropriate quasi-public entities.


Please send copies of your letters to with the subject matter Fremont  so we can post it up for everybody’s knowledge.