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Forest Service

Revised Land and Resource Management Plan; Lake Tahoe Basin=20
Management Unit, South Lake Tahoe, CA

ACTION: Notice of initiation to revise the Lake Tahoe Basin Management=20
Unit Land and Resource Management Plan.


SUMMARY: The Forest Service will revise the Lake Tahoe Basin Management=20
Plan (hereafter referred to as the Forest Plan). This notice describes=20
the documents available for review and how to obtain them; summarizes=20
the need to change the Forest Plan and the initial scope of revision=20
based upon management review and determination; provides information=20
concerning public participation and collaboration; and includes the=20
names and addresses of agency officials who can provide additional=20

ADDRESSES: Send written comments to: Forest Plan Revision--LTBMU, 35=20
College Drive, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150. E-mail: 

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT:  Todd Chaponot at (530) 543-2742 or=20
Robert King at (530) 543-2619; or e-mail the revision team at : 


Documents Available for Review

    The Comprehensive Evaluation Report is the Forest Plan revision=20
analysis document that provides an evaluation of current ecological,=20
economic, and social conditions and trends; these contribute to=20
sustainability within the Forest Service lands managed by the Lake=20
Tahoe Basin Management Unit (LTBMU). Publication and review of the=20
Comprehensive Evaluation Report (CER) formally launches LTBMU's Forest=20
Plan Revision process. The information detailed in the CER analysis,=20
and further distilled within the forest supervisor's management review=20
and revision theme areas are provided for public and agency review and=20
comment. This document is now available for review (see Public=20
Participation and Collaboration subtopic).

Components of the Forest Plan

    As required under the National Forest Management Act, Terri=20
Marceron, Forest Supervisor, LTBMU has made a determination that=20
conditions exist that warrant a revision of the existing 1988 Forest=20
Plan (see Forest Supervisor's Determination--Preliminary Need for=20
Change Topics). The Management Review is the preamble to the=20
Comprehensive Evaluation Report document; it describes the scope of the=20
plan revision, rationale, and formal determination to proceed with=20
revision of the LTBMU Forest Plan. The information contained in the=20
CER, in concert with information acquired from substantive comments,=20
will be used to structure a revised plan. The revised Forest Plan will=20
include the following components: Desired conditions, objectives,=20
guidelines, suitability of areas and special areas (Reference: CFR=20

Forest Supervisor's Determination--Preliminary Need for Change Topics

    Much of the direction contained in the 1988 Forest Plan is still=20
valid. The parts of the plan that are working well will be carried=20
forward into the revised Plan, limiting the revision to areas where new=20
regulations and policy, new science, resource information, and changing=20
social, economic, and ecologic conditions and trends have created a=20
need for updated guidance. Through the public participation and=20
collaboration process the Forest Supervisor has determined that the=20
Forest Plan Revision will focus on four preliminary themes:
     Ecosystem restoration,
     Recreation management,
     Land use,
     Planning and adaptive management.

(Reference: CER Management Review; and CER Chapter 2)

Comment Requested

    The Forest Service is seeking public comments about the=20
appropriateness of the specific preliminary Need for Change topics=20
identified in the CER document. Public comments should fall within two=20
specific areas: (1) Whether the scope and appropriate representation of=20
the four major theme areas identified in the CER is addressed=20
adequately, and with the appropriate science; and (2) Specific issue=20
areas of importance to the public that were not addressed adequately in=20
the information presented in the full CER document. Substantive=20
comments received by 19 March 2007 will be of the most value in=20
evaluating public response to the adequacy of the need for change=20
themes outlined in the Comprehensive Evaluation Report.

Planning Process Schedule

    The revision process for the Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit=20
officially begins in January 2007 with the publication of this Notice=20
of Initiation in the Federal Register. The final revised Forest Plan is=20
scheduled to be issued for pre-decisional review in July 2008. Final=20
approval of the revised LTBMU Forest Plan is scheduled to occur October=20
2008. As of the publication date of this notice, it is the intent of=20
the Forest Supervisor, Terri Marceron, consistent with national Forest=20
Service policy, that the revised forest plan will be published as a=20
Categorical Exclusion (Reference: Forest Service Handbook FSH 1909.12,=20
Ch. 30, Jan. 31, 2006).

Responsible Official

    Terri Marceron, Forest Supervisor, Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit=20
at 35 College Drive, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150.

Public Participation and Collaboration

    The revision process is designed to provide continued opportunities=20
for public collaboration in the management of public land in the Lake=20
Tahoe Basin and provide open participation in the development of the=20
revised Forest Plan. Pursuant to 36 CFR 219.13(a), only parties that=20
participate in the planning process through the submission of written=20
comments can submit an objection upon publication of the revised Forest=20
Plan decision (see Planning Process Schedule). For additional=20
information on the Forest Plan revision processes, access the Lake=20
Tahoe Basin Management Web site at: http://frwebgate.access.gpo.gov/cgi-bin/leaving.cgi?from=3DleavingFR.=
 Likewise, interested members of the public can request to=20

receive LTBMU Forest Plan revision information updates via U.S. Mail=20
delivery, by mailing a request to: Forest Plan Revision--LTBMU, 35=20
College Drive, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150, e-mailing:

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comments-pacificsouthwest-ltbmu@fs.fed.us, or phoning the Lake Tahoe =

Basin Management Unit: (530) 543-2600.

    Dated: January 29, 2007.
Terri Marceron,
Forest Supervisor, Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit.
[FR Doc. 07-475 Filed 2-2-07; 8:45 am]