Dec 8, 2000-OHV - Notice: BLM National Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Management Strategy.

Dec 12, 2000-Cadiz Water
-Notice of Extension of the Public Comment Period.

Dec 14, 2000-Restrictions
-Notice of restriction.

Dec 14, 2000-Wilderness
-Rules & Regulations: Wilderness Management Regulations.

Dec 15, 2000-Minerals
-Proposed Rules: Fees to Administer Mineral Programs.

Dec 21, 2000-Wild Horse Capture
-Notice of hearing on use of helicopter.

Dec 22, 2000-Withdrawal
-Notice-Public Land Withdrawal.

Dec 29, 2000-Wind
- Notice of Intent (NOI) to prepare an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

Nov 9, 2000-Imperial
- Notice: Imperial Project Final EIS

Nov 16, 2000-Imperial
- Notice of Availability of Final EIS/EIR.

Nov 17, 2000-Cadiz
- Notice of Public Meeting on the Supplemental Draft EIS.

Nov 20, 2000-Silver/Ambrose
- Supplementary Rules for the Silver Saddle Ranch.

Nov 21, 2000-Mining
- Rules and Regulations: Surface Management of Mining Claims

Nov 28, 2000-Landscape
- Notice of Intent to Prepare EIS.

Nov 29, 2000-ICBEMP
- Amended notice of intent to conduct planning and prepare an EIS.

Nov 30, 2000-Land Exchange
- Notice of Intent to prepare an EIS.

Oct 16, 2000-Shooting
- Notice of closure of certain public lands to the discharge of firearms.

Oct 20, 2000-Closure
- Closure of Public Lands to Off-Highway Vehicle Use.

Oct 20, 2000-Mining
- Notice: Final Environmental Impact Statement Availability.

Oct 23, 2000-Cadiz
- Notice: Cadiz Water Project Supplemental Draft EIS Availability.

July 25, 2000-CDCA
- Notice: plan amendment to California desert conservation area plan.

July 25, 2000-SAB
- Notice: Science Advisory Board.
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