National Public Lands News (NPLNEWS.COM) is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization founded in 1999 (incorporated in 2008) to provide our fellow citizens with a user-friendly, paperless source of federal land information - in an effort to promote the American people's involvement in the management of their public lands.

NPLNEWS Staff consists of young challenged adults working with mentors experienced in computer skills and knowledge of federal and state land management laws and public relations. NPLNEWS young adults are involved in every aspect of NPLNews programs from video tapping public meetings, learning to take notes, updating the website, updating our library, conducting interviews, planning and participating in public meetings and learning to interact both electronically and socially with the public.

NPLNEWS has never accepted any dollars to fund its educational work. Since 1999, NPLNEWS has accepted only citizen support - in the form of valuable time and equipment donated – by helping to make public land information available to all. Since 1999, NPLNEWS have posted BLM and Forest Service public notice meetings and environmental documents to improve citizen’s involvement in the future of their public lands.

NPLNEWS has built the most extensive public land management information data base on the web - free of charge with easy point-click-print access. Members of National Public Land News (NPLNEWS) are part of the BLM Steering Committee and other land management organizations in the California Desert.

Our members range across the political spectrum from the left and the right but one thing they have in common is they share a passion about the right of all citizens to access the California Desert and public lands and forests for use and enjoyment. NPLNEWS members have provided comments to BLM since 1976 regarding the California Desert Conservation Area (CDCA) Plan in general, and the West Mojave in specific, without any avail.

As a matter of fact, our members have filed formal protests with BLM under FLPMA and 43 CFR 1600 regulations when the West Mojave EIS Record of Decision was released in March 2006. We also provide comments on renewable energy projects and are involved in the DRECP and other planning initiatives.

NPLNEWS supports full disclosure of information to the American people under NEPA and FOIA.

We say YES to:

  • Access to Public Lands for All Citizens
  • Open Government
  • Shared & Multiple-Use of Our Public Lands
  • Progress over Process
  • Accountability for Government Decisions and Actions
  • We say NO to:

  • Public Land Mismanagement
  • Federal Land Management Process Paralysis
  • Federal Land Management Waste & Abuse
  • We all recognize that government by bureaucracy in a democratic society must be limited, and that the responsibility for wise management of the public lands must be shared by all citizens. We must not ask Government to do what we should do for ourselves. We should rely on Government as a partner to help us to do more for ourselves and for each other.

    In a properly constituted system based on our country’s ideals, decisions about allocating resources and public land management policies must come after a genuine and an open process that involves an intellectually honest discussion and deliberation between citizens and their government.

    It is the goal of National Public Lands News (NPLnews) to be your one source for reliable public lands information to assist you in constructively participating in the future of our public lands.

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